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actually i lost it about 5 months ago...i 've been looking ..found some openings but can't find the strength to pick up the phone....i've admitted to myself that i am probably burnt out..but that doesn't stop the bills from coming....nor the looks i get from my husband when we are out of money....i was on meds for awhile..and it probably needed upping but i stopped taking them....i tried therapy but the guy was more interested in couples counseling(i wasn't ready to go there yet)..my family are of no help..they drain the hell out of me...my dad is useless..everytime i go overthere i try and suck in my fat for fear he might say something to set me off somewhere biting my tongue.....i'm so tired
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I feel like shit today...not sure if i really have a cold or the cold medicine i took is messing with my effexor..i'm having a party tommorow...why i agreed i'm not sure..got to much crap on my plate right now...two sick cats ,this party, a wedding and school cloth shopping...uggg!!..my brain is on overload..and i can chuck any of it off.

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